10 Best Bagel Spots in Charlotte, NC

Bagel Spots in Charlotte, NC

Are you on the hunt for the ultimate bagel experience in Charlotte? Your search ends here with the city’s mixture of freshly baked, New York-style bagels. Charlotte has the best bagels in town. Come with us to discover the top ten best bagel spots in Charlotte, NC. They are available in various types, like plain and everything bagels, as well as artisanal creations. You can find a variety of options in Charlotte. You can pick traditional bacon, egg, and cheese bagel sandwiches. You can also try new and tasty variations of your favorite options. Come join us and experience the amazing flavors that make our city’s bagel scene truly exceptional.

List of Best Bagel Spots in Charlotte

Here is a list of the best Bagel spots in Charlotte nearby.

  • Bruegger’s Bagels
  • My Brothers Bagel
  • Einstein Bros. Bagels
  • Good Wurst
  • Poppy’s Bagels & More
  • Bagel Bin and Deli II
  • Manhattan Bagel
  • Family Dough Bagels
  • Local Loaf
  • Great American Bagel

Bruegger’s Bagels

Bagel Spots in Charlotte-Bruegger's Bagels

Bruegger’s Bagels, founded in 1983, is renowned for its authentic New York-style bagels and a diverse menu encompassing breakfast and lunch sandwiches, salads, soups, desserts, and freshly roasted coffee. Their distinctive bagels, crafted from just five basic ingredients and proofed for 48 hours, deliver unique flavors. The restaurant also offers an array of cream cheese flavors and classic breakfast sandwiches like egg & cheese and bacon, egg & cheese. Moreover, their menu features signature sandwiches such as the Turkey Chipotle Club and Pastrami & Swiss.

Neighborhood: Freedom Park

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery

Address: 4327 Park Rd Building 25, Charlotte, NC 28209, United States

Contact: +1 704-525-5295

My Brothers Bagel

Bagel Spots in Charlotte-My Brothers Bagel

My Brothers Bagel, a neighborhood gem, offers a peaceful escape and a strong community focus. They specialize in daily-baked, authentic bagels, including signature varieties like Everything and Cinnamon Raisin. Their menu boasts breakfast sandwiches like Bacon, Egg & Cheese, Sausage, Egg and cheese, and Veggie options, along with classic sandwiches like Turkey & Swiss and Tuna Salad. Known for its Northeast-style bagels, My Brothers Bagel provides a diverse breakfast and lunch menu, with different prices by location. Patrons praise both the delicious food and the friendly, efficient staff.

Neighborhood: Denver i

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery

Address: 751 N, NC-16 Business Hwy, Denver, NC 28037, United States

Contact: +1 980-222-7080

Einstein Bros. Bagels

Bagel Spots in Charlotte-Einstein Bros. Bagels

Einstein Bros. Bagels, a neighborhood bagel shop in Charlotte, offers freshly baked bagels, breakfast and lunch sandwiches, coffee, and catering. They are renowned for their daily-made bagels, including flavors like everything, cinnamon sugar, and asiago cheese. Their breakfast and lunch sandwiches feature high-quality ingredients, such as the Texas Brisket Egg Breakfast Sandwich and Turkey & Bacon Avocado Sandwich. A recommended choice is their Everything bagel with bacon, egg, and cheese. If you’d like to try a homemade version, Todd Wilbur’s copycat recipe for Einstein Bros. Bagels is worth exploring.

Neighborhood: Uptown 

Service options: Dine-in · Drive-through · Delivery

Address: 1501 South Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203, United States

Contact: +1 704-333-4370

Good Wurst

Bagel Spots in Charlotte-Good Wurst

The Good Wurst Company, a local butcher, baker, and sausage maker, excels in scratch-made sausages and slow-cooked smoked meats like turkey breast and pork shoulder. They’ve also introduced popular Montreal-style bagels to their menu, offering options like the Everything bagel with lox. With high-quality fare at reasonable prices, online ordering through Grubhub or Uber Eats provides convenient access to their delicious offerings. A recommended choice is the classic bratwurst paired with a side of smoked turkey breast.

Neighborhood: Plaza Midwood 

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery

Address: 3001 Central Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205, United States

Contact: +1 980-613-8226

Poppy’s Bagels & More

Bagel Spots in Charlotte-Poppy's Bagels & More

Poppy’s Bagels & More, a family-owned Charlotte establishment since 2010, serves an array of breakfast and lunch options, including freshly baked bagels and specialty egg sandwiches like Eggs Benedict Bagel and Western Omelette Bagel. They also offer homemade soups, salads, and daily specials. Their reasonable prices, high food quality, and online ordering through their website make dining accessible and convenient. A recommended choice is their everything bagel with bacon, egg, and cheese. For those interested in homemade bagels, the New York-style bagel recipe from Sophisticated Gourmet is worth exploring.

Neighborhood: Sherwood Forest

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery

Address: 2921 Providence Rd, Charlotte, NC 28211, United States

Contact: +1 704-366-8146

Bagel Bin and Deli II

Bagel Spots in Charlotte-Bagel Bin and Deli II

Bagel Bin and Deli II in Charlotte offers freshly baked bagels and bagel sandwiches with various toppings, including bacon, egg, cheese, and lox with cream cheese. They serve specialty sandwiches like Reuben and Turkey Club, along with homemade soups, salads, and daily specials, all at reasonable prices. A top recommendation is their everything bagel with bacon, egg, and cheese. For classic New York-style bagels, check out Murray’s Bagels in NYC, known for exceptional bagels, smoked fish, and appetizing dishes.

Neighborhood: Ballantyne 

Service options: Dine-in · Kerbside pickup · Delivery

Address: 16709 Orchard Stone Run, Charlotte, NC 28277, United States

Contact: +1 704-542-4848

Manhattan Bagel

Bagel Spots in Charlotte-
Manhattan Bagel

Manhattan Bagel offers freshly baked New York-style bagels with flavors like plain, everything, sesame, and cinnamon raisin. Their menu includes high-quality bagel breakfast sandwiches like the Manhattan Bagel Breakfast Sandwich and Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Bagel Sandwich. They are known for their boiled, oven-baked chewy bagels, and they have an affordable price range. A recommended choice is their Everything bagel with lox and cream cheese. If you’re interested in making bagels at home, explore King Arthur Baking’s blog post on the 5 elements of great bagels for tips and guidance.

Neighborhood: Ballantyne 

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery

Address: 8040 Providence Rd #200, Charlotte, NC 28277, United States

Contact: +1 704-541-0833

Family Dough Bagels

Bagel Spots in Charlotte-Family Dough Bagels

Family Dough Bagels in Charlotte offers freshly baked bagels, breakfast and lunch sandwiches, coffee, and more. Their menu includes a variety of bagels and specialty sandwiches like Reuben and Turkey Club, plus homemade soups and salads. Known for quality and affordability, and a must-try is the everything bagel with bacon, egg, and cheese. For homemade bagel enthusiasts, check out Love and Lemons’ Bagel Recipe.

Neighborhood:  Mint Hill 

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No-contact delivery

Address: 7102 Brighton Park Dr #500, Mint Hill, NC 28227, United States

Contact: +1 980-207-4893

Local Loaf

Bagel Spots in Charlotte-Local Loaf

Local Loaf is a bakery and sandwich shop known for its freshly baked bread, pastries, breakfast, and specialty sandwiches. They offer a variety of bread options, breakfast choices like Bacon, Egg, and Cheese sandwiches, and specialty sandwiches such as Turkey and Brie. The quality of their food is excellent, and if you’re interested in baking, you can find valuable tips on great bread from King Arthur Baking’s blog.

Neighborhood: NoDa 

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery

Address: 800 E 35th St, Charlotte, NC 28205, United States

Contact: +1 980-474-1956

Great American Bagel

Bagel Spots in Charlotte-Great American Bagel

Great American Bagel is a renowned bakery and deli that has specialized in freshly baked bagels since 1986. They offer a variety of bagels, including plain, everything, sesame, and cinnamon raisin, and create delicious bagel sandwiches with toppings like bacon, egg, cheese, or lox and cream cheese. Their specialty sandwiches, such as the Italian Trio on Asiago and Ham and Cheese, are crafted with high-quality ingredients. Highly recommended is the Everything bagel with bacon, egg, and cheese.

Location: Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Service options: Takeaway · No delivery

Address: 5501 Josh Birmingham Pkwy, Charlotte, NC 28208, United States

Contact: +1 704-359-4985

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