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Pickleball in Charlotte-Pickleball-in-Charlotte-NC

Pickleball is a sport that started in 1965 when three dads wanted to have fun with their kids on Bainbridge Island, Washington. Even though it has “pickle” in the name, it has nothing to do with the vegetable.

A lot of people like playing pickleball, with 53% being guys and 47% being girls. It has become even more popular lately, growing by 39.3% in the last two years, says the Sports & Fitness Industry Association.

The average age of someone who plays pickleball is around 38.1 years old, according to a report. The game is flexible and can be enjoyed by beginners and pros alike. You play it with a paddle and a plastic ball, mixing in bits from tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. You can play inside or outside on a small court, either by yourself or with a friend—usually, people play with a partner.

Pickleball is getting easier to find and play. Every state in the U.S. has a place to play, and by the end of 2021, there were 9,524 known locations with 38,140 courts. That’s about 66 new places each month, thanks to the USA Pickleball group.

What’s cool about pickleball is that it doesn’t take as much time as golf or tennis. You don’t need to spend hours playing, and it’s faster to learn. That’s why lots of people like it!

Charlotte, North Carolina is now a great place for pickleball lovers! If you enjoy playing pickleball and love yummy food, this guide will show you the best places in Charlotte where you can have both fun games and tasty meals.

Pickleball is a cool sport that you can play indoors or outdoors all year round. It’s not expensive, and many community centers have free classes, so anyone can join in, whether you’re new to the game or a pro player. So, get ready to have a blast playing pickleball in Charlotte, NC!

The Pickleball Craze in Charlotte

Pickleball in Charlotte-The Pickleball Craze in Charlotte

Pickleball is becoming super popular in Charlotte, bringing together fans who enjoy its friendly and social vibe. The game’s easy rules and inclusive nature make it accessible to everyone, attracting diverse players. Charlotte has well-maintained courts, providing many chances for casual games or competitive tournaments.

Pickleball Charlotte, the top club in the city, has various locations for players to join in and have fun, whether experienced or just starting. Pickleball Club offers different membership options to fit different levels of play and budgets.

The popularity of Pickleball in Charlotte, NC is clear with dedicated facilities and its presence on university campuses. Students are forming clubs, organizing tournaments, and loving the social and physical benefits of the game. The university even sees the potential of Pickleball, adding it to the curriculum and adding to its popularity among students.

Where to Play Pickleball in Charlotte

Pickleball in Charlotte-Pickleball Charlotte

If you want to play pickleball in Charlotte, you’re in for a treat! Pickleball Charlotte is the go-to spot with four locations! It’s the ultimate place for all things Pickleball in the area. They offer various activities like lessons, group outings, social events, open play, court rentals, tournaments, and leagues. It’s a fantastic option for pickleball enthusiasts to have a good time and enjoy the game!

However, there are other places to play, but Pickleball Charlotte is THE Pickleball Place because it is the best Private Pickleball court in Charlotte. So, join in, have fun, and learn the exciting game of Pickleball at Pickleball Charlotte!

Pickleball Charlotte has multiple locations, including:

  • Ballantyne Location – 11611 Ardrey Kell Road
  • Granite Street Location – 10930 Granite Street
  • Sharon Lakes – 8401 Sharon Lakes
  • Northlake Location – 8626 Hankins Road

Moreover, there are additional places in Charlotte like recreation centers, churches, and gyms that sometimes provide indoor pickleball opportunities. If you like playing outdoors, there are various choices throughout the city, boasting a total of 37 pickleball courts available in Charlotte, NC. To discover why more than 6000 local players have experienced the joy of playing Pickleball at our four Charlotte locations.

The Best Pickleball Courts and Clubs in Charlotte

5 Best Outdoor Pickleball Courts

Pickleball in Charlotte-Best Outdoor Pickleball Courts

Charlotte offers a variety of top-notch pickleball courts and clubs for enthusiasts to enjoy. Some of the best outdoor pickleball courts in the area include:

Davis Park

Pickleball in Charlotte-Davis Park

Davis Park in Belmont, North Carolina, is a cool spot for pickleball. It has two courts that you can use and even reserve through the Court Reserve app, which makes it easy for players. The park is at 204 Park Drive, Belmont, NC, so it’s simple for pickleball fans to get there.

It’s a great place to have fun and play pickleball outdoors with nets and lines on the courts. Davis Park is open to everyone, and it’s free to use. They even have restrooms for your comfort. If you want a fantastic outdoor pickleball experience near Charlotte, Davis Park is the place to go!

Location: 204 Park Drive Belmont, NC 28012 USA

Contact: 704-825-8191 ext. 1.

Charlotte Squash Club Pickleball

Pickleball in Charlotte-Charlotte Squash Club Pickleball

Charlotte Squash Club Pickleball offers a premier pickleball destination for pickleball enthusiasts. The club has 7 outdoor hard courts with permanent nets and lines. The club requires membership, offers food, restrooms, and water, and offers court reservations.

There are exclusive benefits with a $50 monthly membership, while non-members can play for $7. Squash sessions are available for a healthy heart for just $30 a session. Whether a seasoned player or beginner, the club provides lessons to enhance pickleball skills, making it a comprehensive destination for outdoor sports in the heart of Charlotte.

Location: 705 International Dr, Charlotte, NC, 28270, USA

Contact: (704) 364-9282

Holbrook Park

Pickleball in Charlotte-Holbrook Park

Holbrook Park in Huntersville, North Carolina, stands out as a premier outdoor pickleball destination, featuring six dedicated courts with permanent lines and nets. The park enhances the player experience with essential amenities like restrooms, water, and lights.

Access to the courts is free, making it an affordable and accessible choice for pickleball enthusiasts. The natural surroundings add charm, providing a serene backdrop for games. Utilize the free PlayTime Scheduler platform for arranging games in the Charlotte, NC area.

Location: 100 Sherwood Dr, Huntersville, NC, 28078, USA

Contact: (704) 766-2220

Clarks Creek Community Park

Pickleball in Charlotte-Clarks Creek Community Park

Clarks Creek Community Park is a fantastic 31-acre space with lots of cool stuff to do for free. There are eight pickleball courts, a playground, a big basketball court, picnic areas, a dog park, and bathrooms. You can even reserve a spot online if you want!

People love playing pickleball at this park because it has eight courts with permanent nets and lines. You can play from sunrise to sunset, and the park is known for being one of the Public Pickleball Courts in Charlotte. They also have bathrooms and water, and the park is part of the Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Department.

The park looks beautiful with its natural setting, and the courts are free to use, so lots of pickleball fans go there. It’s even connected with the Clark Creek Pickleball Club, making it a special and fun place for players in Charlotte.

Location: 5435 Hucks Rd, Charlotte, NC, 28269, USA

Contact: (980) 314-1000

Carmel Road Park

Pickleball in Charlotte-Carmel Road Park

Carmel Road Park in Charlotte is an upscale outdoor pickleball destination featuring 11 outdoor clay and hard tennis courts at Carmel Country Club. While not dedicated to pickleball, these courts provide ample space for games and access to restrooms, water, and lights. Nearby facilities such as Pickleball Charlotte and Freedom Park offer dedicated pickleball courts.

The park’s calm surroundings and essential amenities make it a top choice for pickleball enthusiasts in Charlotte. Although a membership is required to play at Carmel Country Club, players can enjoy a unique and enjoyable experience in a great outdoor playing environment.

Location: 4735 Carmel Rd, Charlotte, NC, 28226, USA

Contact: (704) 542-2454

For indoor pickleball options in Charlotte, “Pickleball Charlotte” stands out as a premier club with multiple locations, as mentioned above.

Additionally, the Charlotte area boasts several public pickleball courts, with Martin Luther King Jr. Park featuring six free outdoor pickleball courts. With a variety of indoor and outdoor court options, Pickleball Charlotte remains a popular choice for pickleball enthusiasts in the area.

5 Best Indoor Pickleball Courts

Pickleball in Charlotte-Best Indoor Pickleball Courts

In Charlotte, there are fantastic pickleball courts and clubs for enthusiasts to have a great time. Some of the top indoor pickleball courts in the area are:

Charlotte Tennis and Pickleball

Pickleball in Charlotte-Charlotte Tennis and Pickleball

Charlotte Tennis and Pickleball, a central hub for tennis and pickleball enthusiasts in Charlotte, stands out for its commitment to skill advancement and fostering a vibrant sports community. With 18 dedicated courts, including 12 indoor and 6 outdoor, the facility offers a beautiful setting for players of all levels.

Beyond court play, the facility provides a range of amenities, including food, locker rooms, restrooms, water, lights, a pro shop, and professional trainers for pickleball lessons in Charlotte, NC. The emphasis on skill development is evident in the leagues offered for both tennis and pickleball leagues, contributing to the overall growth and connection within the sports community in Charlotte.

Location: 8401 Sharon Lakes Rd, Charlotte, NC 28210

Contact: (704) 554-7777


Pickleball in Charlotte-Rally

Rally, a pickleball club, opened in Spring 2023 in Charlotte’s South End. It wasn’t just about playing pickleball – they had indoor and outdoor courts, cool bars, yummy food, and many seats. For a one-time fee, you got access to 8 courts, an equipment store, and a restaurant with street food and tasty pizza.

Rally was made for people who loved both fun sports and delicious meals. It was in two buildings in a big space, with eight pickleball courts. This Public Pickleball Court in Charlotte opened in early 2023 in the Lower South End (LoSo) neighborhood. Rally wasn’t just for playing pickleball; it was a must-visit for everyone who loved pickleball in Charlotte, NC!

Service options: Has outdoor seating · Serves great cocktails · Good for watching sport

Location: 101 Southside Dr, Charlotte, NC 28217

Contact: (980) 221-0081

Stowe Family YMCA

Pickleball in Charlotte-Stowe Family YMCA

Stowe Family YMCA in Belmont, NC, welcomes pickleball enthusiasts to its 2 indoor courts with permanent lines and portable nets. Membership is required, and reservations can be made on the YMCA Charlotte website. Serving eastern Gaston County since 2000, the facility is a prominent pickleball destination with a dedicated group playing weekly.

Stowe Family YMCA offers a welcoming environment, modern pickleball equipment, and comfortable seating, catering to players of all ages and skill levels. Beyond pickleball, the facility provides various amenities, including an upcoming expansion with a new aquatics park and a dedicated youth program wing, ensuring a modern and inclusive space for its members.

Location: 196 Ymca Dr, Belmont, NC, 28012

Contact:(704) 822-9622

West Charlotte Recreation Center

Pickleball in Charlotte-West Charlotte Recreation Center

West Charlotte Recreation Center stands out as an exclusive indoor pickleball destination in Charlotte, offering a unique experience with its single wood court. Although the center has only one court, the wooden surface sets it apart from other clubs. The facility is wheelchair accessible and requires a one-time fee for play.

The indoor wood court comes with permanent lines and portable nets, providing ample space for games. With on-site restrooms and water, players can enjoy a comfortable and extended play experience. This top-notch facility is ideal for pickleball enthusiasts, especially those who prefer the distinctive appeal of wooden courts in Charlotte.

Location: 2401 Kendall Dr, Charlotte, NC, 28216

Contact: (980) 314-1000

Sports Connection – Granite Street

Pickleball in Charlotte-Sports Connection - Granite Street

Sports Connection – Granite Street is the ultimate destination for indoor pickleball fun in Charlotte, NC, offering an impressive 18 courts—14 indoors and 4 outdoors. For a single fee, you get access to various amenities like food, restrooms, private trainers, and wheelchair-friendly facilities.

Owned by the Haseleys, who also oversee the Granite Street Sports Center, this facility is not only the proud home of Pickleball Charlotte but also a hub for family-friendly entertainment. Beyond pickleball, you can engage in laser tag, bowling, and arcade games. With seven modern indoor courts and a range of entertainment options, Sports Connection –

Location: 10930 Granite St, Charlotte, NC, 28273

Contact: (704) 583-1444

Pickleball Tournaments and Events in Charlotte

Pickleball in Charlotte-Pickleball Tournaments and Events in Charlotte

Pickleball Tournaments and Events in Charlotte present a diverse range of competitive and enjoyable prospects for players at every skill level. Several noteworthy events and tournaments within the region provide exciting opportunities for participants.

Pickleball Charlotte Leagues and Tournaments provide a diverse array of competitive and enjoyable opportunities all year round. From leagues to tournaments, round robins, and other engaging events, Pickleball Charlotte caters to both individual players and teams. Additionally, they organize charity tournaments and social events, adding a philanthropic and community-oriented dimension to the pickleball experience.

Pickleball – North Carolina Amateur Sports unfolds at Pickleball Charlotte Sharon Lakes, highlighting specific competition dates, entry fees, and deadlines for various tournaments.

NP Charlotte Classic is a significant fixture in the USA Pickleball Tournament Series, showcasing a variety of tournaments. Among the highlights are the Golden Ticket Events, Diamond Amateur Championship, and the 2024 Regionals, providing participants with a diverse and competitive playing experience.

Pickleball Charlotte Open, organized by PickleballTourneys.com, offers a dynamic experience with a variety of start times, providing participants with a potential schedule flexibility that is subject to change.

Avondale Fall Ladder Tournament in Charlotte, North Carolina, stands out as a concluded event offering a unique ladder format for players to engage in competitive play.

These gatherings offer players an excellent chance to display their skills, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and revel in the competitive and enjoyable atmosphere of pickleball. To stay informed about the latest tournaments and events in Charlotte, make sure to explore the websites of local pickleball organizations and keep a lookout for updates on the schedule of the USA Pickleball Tournament Series.

Pickleball Equipment and Retailers in Charlotte

Pickleball in Charlotte-Pickleball Equipment and Retailers in Charlotte

Pickleball is getting more popular, and in Charlotte, you can find the gear you need at places like DICK’S Sporting Goods and Play It Again Sports. Whether you want paddles, balls, or other equipment, these stores have you covered. North State Resurfacing is there for pickleball court construction and repairs in the NC, SC, & VA areas, including Charlotte.

They’re experts at making and fixing pickleball courts to meet the right standards. If you’re thinking about adding a pickleball court, you can get in touch with them for a cost estimate. These resources make it easier for pickleball fans in Charlotte to get the gear and courts they need as the sport keeps growing.

Top 3 Best Pickleball Restaurants in Charlotte, NC

Pickleball in Charlotte-Best Pickleball Restaurants in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte boasts unique pickleball restaurants, creating a delightful fusion of food and sports. Discover the top 3 best Pickleball Restaurants in Charlotte, NC here:

Camp Pickle

Pickleball in Charlotte-Camp Pickle

Camp Pickle is a fresh pickleball restaurant coming to Charlotte, near NoDa. It’s a spot where you can play pickleball, enjoy good food, and have some drinks. They’re looking at Charlotte as a possible new location, bringing a fun mix of activities for everyone.


Pickleball in Charlotte-Rally pickleball restaurant, bars and lounge

Rally is a big pickleball and fun spot in Lower South End. It’s a great place for pickleball lovers with four outdoor and four indoor pickleball courts, a coffee bar, and two cocktail bars. You can enjoy the game, grab some food and cocktails, and have a cup of coffee all in one place.

Tipsy Pickle

Pickleball in Charlotte-Tipsy Pickle

Tipsy Pickle is a fun place opening at Camp North End in the summer of 2024. It’s got six pickleball courts, three bars, and a Tex-Mex menu. You can enjoy indoor and outdoor bars on the main level, a cool cocktail lounge on the mezzanine, and different event spaces. It’s a spot for good times and tasty treats!


In Charlotte, NC, pickleball is making a comeback, with new spots blending the game and great dining. From Tipsy Pickle at Camp North End to Rally in LoSo, the city is embracing the mix of food and sport. These places aren’t just about pickleball; they’re lively hubs for friends and families to enjoy tasty food, play pickleball, and have fun. With fantastic food and drink options, these venues are changing how Charlotte does social and recreational activities. Whether you like indoor or outdoor play, Charlotte’s pickleball scene has something for everyone, making it a must-visit for food and sports fans.

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